POWER remains an enigma in Africa with the whole planet generating about 5% of the Global output while its population is roughly 20% of the worlds 7 Billion people, making the planet an inefficient power house.

The Energy crises in Nigeria has not improved over at least one generation (1960 – 2010) with no significant headway made in mastering the situation. The erstwhile Utility Company, Nigerian Electricity Power Authority (NEPA) evolved into Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) and eventually into a splintering of responsibilities between Generation, Transmission and Distribution specialists. It is our opinion that the issue of Power is still viewed as an overall Government responsibility and not as a necessary economic commodity to be regulated by proper policies.

While numerous methods of generating Power exist, it is depressing that concentration is on Hydro-generation with its antecedent annual problems that are largely left intact, recently introduced Gas turbines are also prone to the vicissitudes of pipeline saboteurs. Coal, Wind, Solar, Biomass and Nuclear means of generation are largely unexploited even when global pioneers of generation are diversifying away from more traditional means of producing Power. It is important to note that countries with the most available energy generated by Non renewable sources are also the pioneers of generation through renewable sources.